The UISG Airport Shuttle takes riders to and from Cedar Rapids airport from Iowa City.

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Please note that reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to ensure our partners at Yellow Cab of Iowa City can arrange transportation. 

If you have already booked an arrival pickup (from CID to Iowa City), be on the look-out for a follow-up email requesting information on any reservation changes. Failing to respond to that forthcoming email will result in your reservation being canceled.

Riders with any cancellations, changes, or delays must call Yellow Cab's designated Dispatcher Phone at 319-341-7939 as soon as possible or risk being charged a no-show fee. Do not submit another reservation if your plans change, as you will be charged a no-show fee.

UISG and Yellow Cab are working closely with University administration as we monitor the global situation and consider the safest options for students. Should virtual instruction be extended past April 3rd, we will communicate with students at that time.

For information on the structure of this service, fees, pick-up locations, reservation forms, or frequently asked questions, please visit the Airport Shuttle page on the UISG website.

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