Greetings from your fellow Iowa City community members & colleagues—we look forward to learning with you & supporting you through this journey with COVID-19. The creators of this website want to affirm that we are open to assisting and committed to campus community members in need.

Our goal is to support all campus community members and ensure that everyone can get the help that they need by providing regular updates on services individuals may use. If you learn of any services that aren’t on this document, please email:

Per Student Health: if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath): do not walk into Student Health, Quick Care, any clinic or emergency room in any hospital. To protect others, you must call before coming! Call Student Health Nurse Line at 319-335-9704. For further medical guidelines for anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms, follow visit the Student Health website.

After hours you still have RN resources: the UIHC Integrated Call Center (ICC), a 24/7 Nurseline. Their number is 319-384-8442 and it works just like the SHW Nurseline.

Purpose of this website

This is a living document with real-time updates that aims to provide clear and direct information about how individuals can access basic need services in the case of various scenarios. The creators of this document would like to thank & acknowledge UC Berkeley’s Basic Needs Center for providing inspiration to develop this guide.

Official University of Iowa COVID-19 Website

Our campus leadership have launched an official website for COVID-19 information. For any logistical questions regarding COVID-19, please refer to this site.

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